Telegram For PC – Telegram Desktop For Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista/XP & Mac

What is Telegram For PC?

Telegram is one of the most popular cloud-based instant messaging platforms. You can avail its services on smartphones as well as PC and laptop. The instant messaging platform helps us stay connected with our peers on-the-go. The company is proactive in launching new features for its mobile platform, but the desktop version also has several useful features to offer. You can download Telegram Desktop natively on your Windows, MacOS and Linux apart from the Telegram Android and iOS app. Moreover, it also available in the form of telegram web messenger which means you can use the telegram for web browser without installing any third-party client or software.

Installing Telegram for Windows PC or on any other computer running in some different operating system environment is as easy like installing the Telegram app on Android or iPhone / iOS devices. You just need to go on the Telegram official website and download it for your PC.

While most of you must be aware of the steps to download and run this app on Android and iOS, but not everyone is familiar with its desktop version. In this article, we are guiding you with the steps to download and run Telegram on PC and laptop.

How to Download and Install Telegram app on Windows PC/ Laptop?

The steps to download and use Telegram instant messaging service on laptop and PC are fairly simple and the steps are identical for both Windows and MacOS. Let’s have a look:

  • Open the Telegram website, here is the link:
  • Choose the Telegram Desktop Version for your computer.
  • Now Download the Telegram app for Windows/MacOS, for example, here we are using, Windows.
  • Install the downloaded Telegram application.
  • After installation runs it.
  • Click on Start Messaging.
  • Then, scan the QR code from your mobile telegram or log in using your phone number.
  • And the Telegram app will be installed successfully on your Desktop PC.
  • And start chatting.

Step By Step Tutorial Guide to install Telegram for PC app on Windows/MacOS.

Step 1: Go to the official Telegram website to download the desktop version according to computer system OS. Here we are downloading the Telegram for Windows.

Visit this link: and click on Get Telegram for Windows by clicking the button.

You can also download the Telegram Windows Portable application which you can save on your pen drive or external storage; just plug that pen drive on any Windows-based desktop PC and start using the Telegram messaging app without installing it.

Telegram PC download

Step 2: After downloading the Telegram .exe file, open it and follow the instruction to install Telegram on your Desktop PC.

Step 3: After you’ve installed Telegram, simply click on it to open.
As soon as you open Telegram desktop it will look like this simply click on START MESSAGING button.

Step 4: A page will appear to login. Here you will see two option to sign in your Tetegram account.

  1. Quick log in using QR code
  2. Log in using your phone number

Quick log in using QR code:

To log into Telegram on desktop you’ll need to scan the qr code from your mobile telegram. Make sure you’ve also downloaded mobile telegram on your android device.

1. Open Telegram on your phone.
2. Go to Settings >> Devices >> and tap on scan QR, you’ll be
able to scan this QR code on your phone screen. And you’ll be logged in just like that.

Log in using your phone number:

1. If you want to log in using your phone number then simply click on “Or log in using your phone number“.

2. Now on the next page, select the country you live in and the country code will automatically be typed in.

3. Enter your mobile number.

Note: Before registering the Telegram PC app; ensure that you already have registered it on a smartphone (Android or iOS)

4. As soon as you’re done click on the “NEXT” button and wait for the code to arrive. Then you can enter the code you just received on your previous telegram application.

5. Or if you don’t want to do that then simply click on “Send code via SMS“, then an activation code will be sent to your mobile device. And go to your mobile device and simply type in the code you received.

Just like that you will be logged in to telegram on your desktop that is how to do it. You will get a beautiful screen of Desktop Telegram messenger app from where you can directly message to your contacts.

The procedure of installing the Telegram app for PC is the same for MacOS too, but you need to download the Telegram setup according to your computer system. See, everything is quite easy, still, if you face any problem just let us know the comment box is all your!

How to use Telegram For PC using this Chrome Extension?

  1. Install Telegram For PC Chrome Extension from below button.
  2. Click “Add to Chrome” to add the extension to your browser.

  3.  After the extension finishes installing, click the “puzzle button” in the top right corner and the Pin button to add “Telegram For PC” to your toolbar.
  4.  Now, click on the “Telegram” icon, and click the “Telegram Web” button.
  5. Then, sign in your Telegram account

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