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Breaking News, Latest News, Investigative Stories,Analysis,Opinions,Interviews About Nigeria. The News Diary is a daily online newspaper in Abuja, Nigeria published by Newsdiary Communication Limited (NCL). The News Diary was founded by Newsdiary Group Limited in 2009 as online news content, the NGL was founded by Danlami Nmodu, a columnist who was also publisher in TheNEWS and Tempo magazine. In 2015, the head office in Abuja was burgled by unknown people in aspect to some vita information and office useful items were stolen said by chief-editor Danlami Nmodu.

Newsdiary is one of the leading Nigerian online news media. Newsdiary is a Nigeria online newspaper that covering news of home and abroad, politics, economy, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, special reports, culture, education, information technology, health, crime, business, industry, commerce, etc.

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