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Latest News around Lagos — Lagos Television provides Lagos and Nigerian news with a reliable and cutting-edge news scope. Get the recent news.

Lagos Television (abbreviated LTV), or Lagos Weekend Television (abbreviated LWT, UHF channel 35, also known as LTV 8) is a state owned television station in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. Lagos State Television was established in October, 1980 and was the first Television station in Nigeria to operate on two frequencies / bands VHF and UHF but now on UHF channel 35 and the first state owned Television station on cable satellite DSTV channel 256 and later on Startimes channel 104.

Lagos Television is one of the leading Nigerian TV Channel News. LTV News is a Nigeria TV Channel News that covering news of home and abroad, politics, economy, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, special reports, culture, education, information technology, health, crime, business, industry, commerce, etc.

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